Yoga is like a mental contemplation, it is a physical way to let the body pray. IT connects your body to the soul and brings us spirit calmness and peace, and by using this blend your consousness will be moved to a level where happiness gives energy to your total health situation, the body, mind and soul.
The essential oils essence is: ORANGE, ROSEWOOD, CHAMPA and NEROLI.


Energies must always be renewed one way or another and at the same they must also be relaxed, because energy in chaos is hard to live with.
So too much energy and too little have the same result, frustration. If you are stressed use this oil to loosen up your stress or tightness, let the oil enliven and sooth your body.


This is all we have of prove that the energy we receive every day from the Sun is our LIFE, 7 different frequencies of energy, that in total becomes the white light we look through every morning and day. Science know this, they have accepted it. But they have missed to teach us people about our enormous resources.
The rainbow does not only send colours to earth, they send everything we use of electromagnetic rays and stones so small that we do not see them, but they go into the earth and rinse the earth on their straight way through the planet. Atoms so small are called neutrinos and it rains down to us.
The Light we see, we both breathe in and look through, we are totally depended on it and we take it for granted.
You can use this essence in you air cleaner or diffuser, you can look at it an feel happy that you are alive and if you can think of what is behind all this.
One thing is for sure it is not the HUMAN RACE
Ingrediencies; Essential oils; ORANGE, LEMON, LIME, CHAMPA, VANILA, MYRRH, and JASMINE.


THYME, TEA TREE and CLARY SAGE. This colour has to kind of helper energies, the cleansing effect on the aura, and the ability to strengthen our voice in order to talk better. The oil blend is made to help that job further.
As humans we need something that inspires us to hold on to what we which or we need it so much that it has become a reality for us, then we must also handle. Those three, thoughts, the will to do it, and a helper is what you need to get results.
If we know what kind of energy in our body that will help us most when our thought has given us a task to fulfill, then we also know which supporting energy we need. If we know so much about our self and our energy system, we are already capable to manage our self.
As humans it is all about knowing who you are and then use your resources.


Love is the ultimate goal of the Human beings, no matter what direction the love goes... It is so many names for love, that most people mix love with the love for is cream with love to their children, with love for sex, with love to a person.
The old fashion way of love was a romance that leads to marriage and then children. But the word love has lost some power, when people also love potatoes and lipsticks. Words have a value, the higher the value, the better the word sounds, but used daily in all contexts like pleasure, likes and good feelings the power of the word disappears
If you really want to use the word LOVE, us it with the power you put into the word, use this essence and then you must use your ability to be in your own consciousness with that word, and your sincere thought for what you are doing.
The ingrediencies; Essential oils of BERGAMOT, PALMROSA and ROSE .


PALMAROSA and ROSE PINK is a colour that remind us about childhood, words like innocent, pure, maybe feminine, because it is a chosen colour for baby girls, and this thought is a lack of understanding what colours realy are. All colours can contain notions like feminine and masculine, because of the ability to do, to do is a typical masculine action, but then again both girl and boys has both masculine and feminine energy stored in their body, more or less.
So to dress baby girls in Pink and Boys in light Blue is not a wise decision, the same with choosing Pink flowers without knowing the real message behind the PINK colour.
PINK is universal LOVE, that means again the big hearth, the kind of energy that work more to help others than themselves, a very seldom energy in our days, when we are thought more to take care of yourself, rather than others.
Colour Energy philosophy is to learn about our 7 main energies in order to understand, that we are all a part of each other, if we learn those 7 energies and learn to use them, then we live in a real democracy. Then we understand that it is the diversity, the variety and abundance in each of the 7 colour energies that live inside of us, that is us.
And that we in our thoughts, in our way of understanding, of who we are, also understand that this is our human resource. When we understand the 7 colours we will also understand the PINK colour.


VIOLET energy that this essence is made for is a dualistic energy, and it is a strong energy. People with this kind of energy have always a desire for something either on the spiritual side or on the creative side, or both if they know their energy. Anyway the spiritual driving force will hunt them, and to get in balance they need to use lower energy forms to get grounded.
Those who are on the spiritual side will automatically seek the GREEN energy, and the creative people will seek the BLUE. The cooperation of what we call the attracting force, between the VIOLET and GREEN gives harmony and love, and the contact between VIOLET and BLUE gives metal calmness and a vision for the creative forces to prosper.
When you use this essence have in mind that this is a more serious wish to act, you must first of all remember that the spiritual energies are not of this world, but they can be materialized, but again it needs power from you, and in order to have that power you must know where and who you are in the spiritual world.
The notion of the spiritual world is BE IT!
The ingrediencies: Essential oils of LAVENDER, CHAMPA, CAMPHOR, JASMIN and FRANKINCE
Remember: BE IT!


PATCHOULI, MYRRH and FRANKINCENSE. The INDIGO energy has a higher frequency and do not belongs to the body, it is a spiritual energy that gives your body information’s from the spiritual world. Everyone can come in contact with INDIGO energy, it is there for us, and it is a fantastic helper in certain situations, we call it intuition or insight.
But to know this energy by nature is a gift, but if we want we can all connect to it. But it is nothing you do for joy or just curiosity. It can be a trap for you, because in this world there are no limits everything is a sort of chaos until you manage to be who you are. Whiteout knowing your own capacity and your own resources you can be is lost in this world.
To enter the spiritual world needs good knowledge and a good understanding of your own resources. We have many people who have been lost in this world, either by using narcotic remedies, or have been to curious to get into this INDIGO world.
If you have Indigo as a main energy you will know this by nature and then you will also know how to use it, if you have INDIGO longer down on your Personality test, then you can learn about this energy and learn to respect it and also know that it will be there and in certain situation it can help you out of a situation, but leave it calm and trust its existence.


TURQUOISE is not a colour that belongs to the primary Rainbow colours, it is a blend of two GREEN and BLUE, but it seems that we get more and more colours coming to us, and that is now called secondary colours and can be used as that in many ways. The TURQUOISE colour is divided in two The TURQUOISE/ GREEN or the TURQUOISE/BLUE. They have also their own story, the TG colour is representing the health and the TB is representing the memory. Both is good for our life and we welcome them in our family of Colours.
WE have a word called metamorphose, that tells about how we can change ourselves from one kind of a person to another. In Colour Energy we learn that we contain energy from the sun which has different frequencies to get in contact with our body and the food we eat and drink. In this way we live, and since these 7 colours also have a colour each, we name them by colours. These colours also work with our brain and our thoughts and Mind, in a way we are the colures, so why don’t we get in contact with them for what they are?
We do that when we change from one colour to another which we do every day, and every day we learn more about ourselves. The Turquoise energy is helping in this way and the essence give us a possibility to learn more about the fantastic possibilities we have as humans.
Ingrediencies; Essential oils of ROSALINA, LEON, LIME, LEMONGRAS and CLARY SAGE .


LAVENDER and JASMINE. This spiritual energy has it doors open to us, it is the doorway to heaven, that’s means to creativity and the creator it selves. To be alone in this world we all are, but we are not alone if we think in a wider context. We all seeking for something, and some people seek more than others, like those who have VIOLET as their main energy.
Something to think about for us is what would we have been if we did not have people with VIOLET energy? Learn about Colour Energies’ and you will understand.
Their creative mind has solved many things for us people, like people as scientist or designers of all format or philosophers. To be inspired by a spirit is nice; it is like finding gifts in the air.
We all need the influence of the VIOLET it gives a pleasure of being alive and the pleasure of making things, we all have a sort of hobby or activity which makes us happy. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it is just thinking and dreaming or if it is walking the mountains or knitting a sock or painting or singing, we all are doing something that makes us feeling good.
The smell of this blend is heavenly, so use when you have lost the appetite for living, or if you are bored, it is the best medicine for people who have forgotten to live. Think about it and consider using your own energy to get in contact with life again.


This essence is made for those who need more confidence and also need better understanding of how they get in contact with the INDIGO energy. We all have it, but to try to tap into this energy, not knowing their other 6 colour energies, is like starting to swim in deep water for the first time, not knowing how deep it is.
We all need knowledge to lean on, only wishes and a curious mind is not enough, so start with your RED energy and take one step at the time with the 6 other colours, then you will one day arrive at this Soul entrance into a new world.
To try to find our Soul purpose before we know what kind of ground we stand on, is a wrong choice. Life is wonderful and colours too, but LIFE needs time to fill us with what we call experiences. And those who live their life step by step will arrive at the last step in their own evolution, but it is not always that we know when we are there, because LIFE in it selves we cannot predict the end of. We must accept our life as a gift, given to us every morning we wake up. And continue to appreciate it every day.
But if you like to try this essence, it is no problem, because you must have three parts with you, and if you have that you will know.
Ingrediencies: Essential oils of CHAMPA, LAVENDER, FRANKINCE, MYRRH and JASMINE.
And remember: I BELIEVE!

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