RED means physical power. It is an energy creating life-power, like the blood that flows through your veins and makes sure that the life-giving oxygen is transported from your lungs. This oxygen makes you breathe and bring more life to your blood. Surely, you can see a big difference between the people that are outdoors in the fresh air, and use their body during work or in sports, and the people that like to be indoors, in front of their computer or doing other mechanical work, where they use their head more than their body.

We call the physical human type RED people, not only because they often are muscular and have a fresh colour in their faces, but because they also have other features like courage, strength and stamina. Look at the different columns in the following list. On the left side, you will see all the positive characteristics for a RED person; and on the right side, all the negative characteristics. Whether you have a strong RED energy in your Personality Test results or RED energy further down, you ought to recognize some of these characteristics.




Chi Energy - Joy to the World - Peace and HarmonyRead More...

Chi Energy  is a RED energy It has a physical impact on your body; so if you lack or have lost some vitality and trust in your own courage and life power, this is a good remedy to have in your mind if you need help. But then you must be aware that this is the energy of RED frequency; and if it shall work, you must adjust to that energy.

This is a two-way system: it is about your will and your power to want to get this energy; and it is about the Chi-energy. If they manage to meet, it will work.

It is a sort of white magic to learn to work with our products and your understanding of your own colours.

Joy to the World  is an ORANGE energy ORANGE is a Colour we need in abundance. It is like the life itself, it is filled with joy.

How easy it is to forget how wonderful life is, and be grateful and pass the joy to others. If you cannot create joy in your life, then you are lacking ORANGE Life Energy.

Without the richness of well-being and the feeling of comfort of yourself and the life you are living, something has gone wrong.

Concentrate on your ORANGE energy and use this bottle to start working together; because without ORANGE life energy, the world is a difficult place to manage.

Peace and Harmony  is a GREEN energy This is a type of energy we all have heard about, but of what very few have understood the complete meaning. It is not enough to know the notion of a word; you have to BE that word to have some meaning.

Peace and harmony are feelings that you crave for when you are stressed, tired, and want to give up. Then you say, "I need some peace and harmony around me." But peace and harmony are nothing you receive; you have to make it for yourself.

Then you achieve it. So if this is what you want, be prepared to think and then BE in a GREEN modus operandi, and you will receive value of using this product.

You are now vibrating in the same frequency.

These 3 small bottles belong to the Therapeutic series of products. But because they have all different energies, I would like to explain why they are different and also how we can use them the right way.

These three are connected to the same thought. They represent well-being and harmony, which gives us a feeling of wholeness, safety and comfort.

However, knowing what they can do is not the same as understanding how they can help you; as nothing can help you unless you are aware of what kind of chemistry your thoughts and ideas are connected to.


To use old recipes with oils from the nature is logical thought and action, in old days they did not have antibiotic or other antiseptic medicine, but they had people that used their mind and brain knowledge to find out what the nature did to animals and birds. This remedy is based on that knowledge.
This series of 4 products are made for the Body, but since the Mind work just as much with their brain as with the Aura shield we have on our outer body, because we are protected at a certain level.
But what really works is our concern and care for our self. The matter of thoughtful consideration and love to the body itself is the key, but the lack of understanding about Who WE Are, can give the bacteria’s a good reason to stay where they want to be.


First Aid - Immune Booster - Skin Renew

 First Aid Most of us get small cuts and rifts in the skin in our life, and a little conscious behavior with this help, it grows faster, and helps for bruises, sprain, aches and pains.

Just the feeling when you can take this “helper” and say, I will help you, take it easy I am here, is comforting. To be friend with your body means that you must care for the body, you must like and love your body. It is your best friend.

When you use First Aid rub it on any bruises and bumps and feel that you are soothing your soul mate, and the friendly way you threat your body gives comfort to the brain, it help the whole system to get back in balance after the shock it is when something happens to the body’s skin and bones. 

And in this situation you can use your First Aid on the thymus gland and wrist too. Use it on operation scar, it makes it grows fast and helps the recovery. Because this blend is a must in any situation that requires TLC. 
But again it depends on your care, your concentration and your interest in your own body, and then the body sends signals to all the nerves the brain works with. This is what we call cooperation, something the body and the brain likes.

And you have got a new friend you can trust.

Immune Booster   Our defence system. It is good to feel the security and safety from a well-organized immune defense system. But not many have that feeling, because it needs good inherited genes, good upbringing and a god care of yourself, shall an immune be prepared, ready and alert every time bacteria, virus and attacks of other kinds hit your system.

And in our time and situation we are invited to a fight every day, we surround us with our bacteria enemies daily, and we are not capable to know the difference between the good or the bad bacteria.

And because there are very few who know about their own guardian angel the Aura shield. Neither do they know what kind of food their body need in its fight against the bad bacteria, they need minerals, vitamins, proteins carbohydrates, water, and a good sleep pattern as a building block. This is the basic recipe for the immune system. The system needs good weapons in order to fight down their enemies, because without a healthy and active immune system, the more heavy types of illness bites its way. 

We have made a little reminder, a “helper” that in this case can give your defense system a feeling that you are there for them, you are one of them. From the natures side this essence have good qualities, and will help for sinus problems, allergies, coughs and colds and it helps to build up the immune defense. Use it daily under cold and flu season.

Apply to nasal areas, under cheek bones, temples, wrists or on thymus gland (upper chest area). For sore throats apply to glands. 

But remember the power of your thoughts; put some positive goodwill in your wish to be the sponsor of your immune system, then you have joined your defense systems in their fight.

Skin Renew.  The skin demands much more of us than we can imagine. We live in an indoor environment and are no longer outdoor workers, but we are still dependent on air, and it is clean air the skin needs to breath.

Clothes that we wear are not always the best for the skin, and the way we put clothes on us, instead of around us, is not always good for the skin either. Then we have the food we eat and the water we drink. But the worst is the entire skincare products we use. 

We are born naked and the skin does not need any cream, unless we have inherit a genetic illness from our family, we are perfectly born, the brain and the skin work fantastically together, filling up collagen and other fat layers, if the skin needs it. But if and when mother wants to be kind to her child, she likes to massage it with good oils and creams, and then it can be that the brain tells the skin system that it doesn’t need any more help from its own system, the mother has taken the responsibility for the fat and nutrition the babies skin needs, and then the ball starts rolling.

It is the parents and basically the mother who start to build up the thoughts of her child, and bad habits, like getting cream or oils on the skin when the child is a baby, can destroy much of the skins work.

Remember we are self-dependent, we do not need other things than food, water and love. Do not use oils and creams before the body asks for it. 

But we have small problems as scars, rifts, blemish, acne and the tissues natural regeneration, but a little help from these naturally essential oils from plants and flowers is just a reminder to your brain, that you care, and that you trust that the brain and the skin do a good job for you.

Talk to your body, it understands you better that anyone else.

These three are very much alike, even if they have total different work to do.

The skin system is a large organism; it covers the whole body outside, and the immune system cover the inside with an army of fighters to protect both the inside and outside. And the First Aid is a local helper which can help the skin and Immune system to get rid of bacteria with a good effect, in order to keep the cut, rifts and scars clean and fast growing.

They live together and they help each other, and we are depending on them, so let us not forget them.


This spray you can use daily, just spray over your head while breathing deeply to boost immunity or sanitize personal work or healing space. Spray on hands, chest and on feet to enhance immune system. And use the spray as a room deodorizer and to disinfect surfaces in areas of infectious diseases. 


Detox & Digest - Anxiety Release - Headache Relief

Detox & Digest.  Detox is not only about cleansing, or to detoxify something, it is more about cleansing your Body and Mind from something that is stopping or hindering your energy to flow, because something has stopped the energy It could be caused by constipation, blocks in your blood veins, or dust and plagues on your brain, and your sinus tightened, and it can simply be old thoughts clinging to each other using the same pattern each time you start to think. By using some new thoughts you can find the cause of the problem. So in this case you must use new thoughts, so you can start cleaning up the affected area. 

When it comes to Digests, it is more complex, because it covers such a big field. You have to know who you are before you can learn when and what you can eat. We offer a Personality Test that can help you to find out more about your personality. When you know which Colour is your main energy, then it is easier to find out about yourself and what energy you need.

Generally the yellow energy is related to digestive problems, but when it comes to detox there are more than one colour energy that has that problem, but it is much easier to relate to, when you know which colours you have available. 

Anxiety Release.  It is difficult to imagine that anxiety can have something to do with the system in our stomach; it feels more like something is going on in the head or in the nerves.

The body can be complicated to understand, but it functions correctly if we are healthy. But Anxiety is something that starts in our thoughts, and the brain sends signals to the body so you shall know what is happening, and maybe get control over it.

Anxiety belongs to the yellow part of us, it is a mental problem, but it doesn’t work the same way as a headache, it goes to the upper part of your stomach, you feel like shivering and feel that you lose control.

Then you must use your mental power to get control, because anxiety is not an illness in its self, it is fear, and it belongs to your own thoughts.

Headache relief.  The brain is a great administrator and since our thoughts and actions make up much of our brain`s work, then many of the warnings and worry announce- ments that the brain sends out to the body will be neglected by us, until it becomes a headache, then we complain about the situation.

Often it starts with stress from either our own thoughts or pattern of thoughts or from improper use of the muscles. Things like a wrong thought pattern or a misunderstanding or lack of knowledge about our body system are easy to repair, just a little more consideration of our own behavior towards our body and all the organs living there. That can be the first relaxing help the body needs, it needs your care and your feeling of being a part of your own body.

But Migraine and different kinds of accidence or illness as a result from operations need a better understanding of the reason for this situation, and then the persons inherited habits and thought patterns also play a role.

But not to study their own syndromes and illness pattern are ignorance of their own system, we are not only brain and body we have a mind too, and that mind is in connection with our spirit. And what we are meant to be is not the same as, to be it. So to be interested in ourselves is necessary for a good health.

This group has much more influence on our thought power than what the three other groups have. Because all these three notions belong to both the genetic influence, and the way our first 5 years has been as a family group, and the last how strong personality we have as persons.

It is difficult for parents to know all this, but they should have been trained to become parents, it is not easy for a baby to understand how to move its own brain, and make the right choices, this is the parent’s job during the child’s first 5 years. And it is not a kindergarten job either.

A child needs constant good influence from their parents to understand how it can build up a strong mental and emotional balance. 

I do not talk about congenital diseases, but even such illness is depended on a good and educational attitude from the parents. The parents must find ways to help their child in order to avoid problems that starts anxiety, stress or problems with eating.

It is always a reason for this kind of mental problems.

Knowledge of your own body and your thought patterns are a great help, and can be a good help for your children too.


This is an easy helper when you feel that your neck is stiff, use it as often as you like. It is a friend, but remember to turn your neck every day, it is meant to be used so never be afraid of turning your neck to both sides of your body, and then there should be no need to use this helper any more. 


Pain Buster - Muscle Magic - Happy Hormones

Pain Buster.  Pain is something one does not like, but try to look at in a positive way.

That the brain so quickly sends a message to the place where the pains occur tells us immediately that something is wrong. Now we can quickly find out if this is something dangerous, or not so dangerous, or only hurting us.

Pain is also something that can become chronic, then it is tiresome, but anyway it is something the body tells you. So if you are a friend of your body, then you may calm down your brain by telling that you have received the message, and that you are in the process of comforting the place that hurts you, you are a compassionate helper.

The alternative is to use a “helper” like the helper we offer, because that is also a good diversion for the brain’s work to get us so concentrate on the part that we now has noticed is a part of us in suffering. Without pain we would have been dead long before we understood we were hearth and could take some action to survive.

So thank your brain for its support, and now you can start to help youself.

Because it is not about vital pain, but about the bothersome or uncomfortable pain which actually can be cured by entering where the pain is with our thoughts, the pain is not at an the damaged place, but in our brain.

Muscle Magic.  We use our muscles daily if we move our body, and they need to be moved. The most important movement we do is to walk, dance or run. But to have capacity to do this we must do some basically important things, like to eat, drink, sleep and train the body. 

All people will at times learn what muscle problems means, but it is not about the training of the muscles to swell and look like a muscles man, it is about another type of magic.

It’s about joy and happy muscles that work together with the bone structure and all the tendons and blood wains to keep you soft and able to use all your strength without overloading any of them. 

Muscles do not work alone; they work close together with our brain. So stressed thoughts patterns often cling to muscles, especially in the neck. If you master the way you think, and use a “helper” you will at the end master your muscles, and that you can call MAGIC.

Happy Hormones   are in fact more seldom than you believe. Maybe because the hormons governs most of our important daily tasks, and also because the body has little control of what the hormones do, and they do a lot. They regulate our life process and without the hormones our body had not managed to function.

They govern a lot in our body, like governing the body’s weight system, regulating the feeling of hunger and satiety; they take care over water and the salt balance in our body. And a little deviation in the delivering of hormones can change the cells metabolism, so be aware of your hormones.

But the balance of hormones can be adjusted by your own thought pattern too, like always too think of happy hormones when fronting missions that look too big. The song Always look at the bright side of life, is like vitamins. It helps the hormones to get back in balance again, and make balance for the metabolic system under menstruation and menopausal conditions. The combination of cooling oils is soothing to the psyche and feels uplifting for the mind.

And if you are happy with your life and yourself, the hormones are happy to.

Those 3 helpers look like a group of joyful friends, and maybe they are, because they work to make things good for us. Like the Pain Buster which takes care of arthritis and muscular aches, The Muscle Magic which concentrates on the large amount of muscles we have in our body and try to do wonders for us, and last but not least the Happy Hormones that have the job to keep up with all our ups and downs and moods that overwhelm our system every day.

For those people who have never learnt to control their mental brain, and at the same time complain about all the problems the hormones make for them, I suggest they start to learn about themselves.

It’s not the hormones that go wild, it’s you.

Because most of the illness and health problems we have, we have caused ourselves.

But it is never too late to change our faults and habits.


This is an oil you can use to massage yourself when you feel stiff or tired in the neck, feet or wrists. Massage the oil generously to the nape of the neck, on wrists and on the feet or other areas where you feel it is needed. This you can do daily until you feel well again.

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