SPIRITUAL BODY Read more... Anthony Cooper, Alchemist from Australia, creator of our spiritual products.

This series of spiritual aids is made of a mixture of oils and alchemy (alchemy is the art that people who change one thing to another thing, like precious metals to Gold or low frequencies to high frequencies do, they are called alchemists.)

Tony Cooper’s knowledge of alchemy is used in our mixtures. His products are to a high degree the reason behind our concentration on spiritual aids among our products whose intention is to connect us to a higher level of consciousness.

Most people believe that the spiritual world is something created by the religious world, but it is a lot more than that. The spiritual world is our life, and most of us do not know were LIFE comes from or what it is. What we know is that it is not created out of reality, and it is not an invention made from scientists. But most people believe LIFE belongs to the Universe. Since we are born into LIFE and when we die the LIFE leave our body.

We in Colour Energy believe that the Earth and all living thing here om Earth is made of the same stuff as what the Universe consists of, and that again means that the creator of the Universe is the Universe, then GOD must be the name of the spiritual world.

Since our planet Earth was created at that same moment as everything else was created, we have from the start developed us from the smallest cell and molecule, into an human race, and from thousands of years we have not change much, so we cannot fail to think that the human race must be one of the most fantastic creations in the Universe, but do we know that?
But we don’t doubt that God has created us in its picture.

And for that reason, we believe in a creator and use the aid of the creator in our teaching about Colours. Vi use the Sun as the supplier of LIFE energy to the Earth, we use everything that is contained in the colours of LIFE, vital minerals, the moral and ethical notions that comes with the 7 colours, and we enjoy the warmth and joy given us by the Sun in abundance, together with water which in turn gives new life on our planet.

But we need people like researchers from both sides of our understanding about what life is, the real life and the spiritual life, in order to learn more about what the Universe contains, and our Earth contains, and what we as humans contains. Because we must be meant to be used for something, and not only live to die.

Therefore, we hope that many will be receptive to more knowledge about themselves physically, mentally and spiritually, we are humans and there is more within us than what we so far have understood.

Aura Cleanser

Most people have little knowledge and experience of what an Aura body is. In reality it is a high frequency electromagnetic system much like the phenomenon Aura Borealis which together with the gravity protect our North and South pole against even higher frequencies which will damage many of our inventions which we have based our lives upon, as an example telephone, computers, TV, power lines, micro wavers and many, many other technical inventions.

Our Aura Cleanser is based on essences given a treatment of Alchemy by Tony Cooper to strengthen the energy in our essences. You can spray this essence around you when you feel a kind of stress which does not feel natural for you.

E.g. you should never lie down on a treatment bench where many people have been treated before you. Because people who have problems and are being treated, must necessarily, if the treatment shall be of any help, get rid of the burden the body has left. So, when the patient leaves the bench, the problems have left the body, but they are still on the bench.

And now you are the next patient, maybe the bench will be covered with a new blanket, but it will not change the leftovers from the other peoples who have left their own dirt on the bench, it is still there, and up to three or four days before it moves up to the celling were it remains in the corners for many years unless someone that we call spiritual housecleaners do their work and dissolve the problem as an alchemist would have done.

Psychopathic cases are in most cases referred to psychotherapeutic care, or physiotherapy, masseurs, acupuncturists, healers or other more alternative treatments. All of them work with people and do their job, apart from cleaning up after their patients.

Our Aura Cleanser is made for this purpose and break these negative and often self-made accumulation and stagnation both in the body and the brain. The home is also often a “dirty” place, arguments and no good thoughts stay behind in the room and also in things, especially in Gold jewellery. Clean them get rid of this influence which harms your health and mood.

Spray this essence on everything you know may contain adverse effect and you have done something good for yourself and your loved ones. And never forget that your Aura body works closely with your immune system and your Spleen. So, one of our main obligations is to keep our body free from diseases, diseases are not a friend, but your Aura body is, take care of the friends you have.


If you use Yoga as a contact between your body, your consciousness and the spiritual world, then the air that surrounds your body and your Aura body, must be clean and fresh, as well as the air in the rom must have a peaceful atmosphere.
Yoga is a fantastic medium between our physical body and our search after harmony and balance between body and spirit. All people an especially children should have training in body consciousness, because the strength we have as humans, lays in the knowledge an experiences our body acquires through movement, that again will be transmitted to the brain, and then stimulate the brain so it can give us a better total understanding about what the notion to be alive means.
To practice Yoga is good for all ages, both children and old bodies; it can be carried out in every country and among all living humans. It increases our contact with our world and it makes us capable to seek for more information about ourselves.
The Yoga spray cleanses our thoughts and our closest environment. To have clean air when you work with your body, mind and soul is important, because the air you breathe in must be fresh, if the message shall have room to find its place. And the good thing with Yoga is that it can be practiced indoors as well as outdoors, at the country or sea side at any times of the year.
Yoga is a good exercise for our body and mind. And our spray makes the air fresh and easy to breathe in, your yoga mat feels clean, and it deodorizes and disinfect surfaces like gym equipment’s bags and footwear.

Unconditional Love Essence

One of our most difficult themes when it comes to understanding what the word love means. As the word for love covers many concepts of what love is, one must add additional words to explain what it is all about such as: Parent`s love,, youth`s love, adult love, human love and sexual love, nature love, animal love etc. But the most difficult of them all is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
This type of love is hard to understand,, first because we will have to let go of our EGO relationship, we will have to think differently, and we must be different, and we must think differently, that means you need to put other people’s need before your own needs. And that again means that you must love others higher than your own need for love. It is a difficult task because we are brought up with: first myself, then myself, and then all the others.
This Essence you must place where you feel you are the most yourself, often it is in the heart region, and you can use it on the back of your hand, what we call the hand joint, which is also a place where the action energy is most clear. Suck in the smell through the nose and fill yourself with air and the love essence until everything feels good within you.
This is a good essence to share with others, it can only give love, and love is our best gift to everyone. If we lived a life filled with love to all living things, we would live a very healthy and rich life.


Guardian Angel Essence

This essence has a purpose; it is made by Tony Cooper with a frequency that fits the name, a name that gives a meaning to us. Because when there are burdens in our thoughts that give us fear and insecurity, then we need help.
Some people need protection against other people’s negative behavior, a behavior that can’t be seen or heard. But to sensitive people they suffer from a horrible pain that cannot be explained as ordinary pain, but it feels like life is taken out of them.
Many people think that their thoughts are toll-free; they think they can think whatever they want as long as no one sees their thoughts. But animals and flowers see those thoughts and they feel them also. Flowers close their leaves and animal’s move away from them, but sensitive human’s pic up their thoughts as they were their own thoughts. Because no one known were thoughts comes from, we all think that our thoughts are our own thoughts.
But high sensitive people, those we often call Indigo people have what we call an innate ability to use a power that on the positive side is very valuable for each person. Their capacity for senses, the ability to see without seeing, hear without hearing is difficult for ordinary people, who do not even know that we all have those gifts, because we are all 1/7 part of each colour energy. So maybe we should start to learn more about WHO WE ARE?
Anyhow those who are not aware of their intelligence are suffering from negative behavior in many situations, because their suffering goes under the name of psychological sufferings until they become an illness, the body has taken the burden, now it has become more visible and real.
But it is a wrong understanding; it is a type of intelligence that has been neglected in our human history. Today we use many of that type of intelligence, as we call Indigo intelligence. We have Indigo people working in art, in the computer world, in science, but still there are many on the negative side who need help early in their life.
Our work in Colour Energy is to get all types of intelligence up at the same level. And we use Tony Coopers essence to help the Aura body to balance the positive attitude back again, and to lift the energy to a normal Indigo flow. The essence also helps the Aura shield to get strong again and protect the person from negative thought flow.

Rainbow Serpent

When we talk about the rainbow serpent then it is the Kundalini energy we talk about. The movement of pure energy is a power that is streaming up from the lowest point in the spine. From there it will move up to the highest point where our consciousness rules.
This energy can be awakened, that is why we call it Kundalini serpent, a serpent that lies quiet and coiled up at the end of our spine. With special Yoga exercises and use of meditation the serpent can be awakened and for many people it is this awakening they mix with sexual experience. But if they experience it as a more spiritual revelation, they will get better insight about the spiritual life and the possibilities which lie in this Kundalini experience.
To experience that you have more resources then you had imagined and that you can get a kind of knowledge that you are a part of the All in All, can give you a new understanding that LIFE itself is you, that you are the choices, you are everything.
This is very difficult to think about in our reality world, we are taught to be humble and not think big thoughts about our self, but when you have been awakened that doesn’t happen. Then you have been shaken up and you feel a freedom from the burden that had followed you for many years and nearly paralyzed you for not being good enough. Now you are yourself, without ballast from the past.
It is not for everybody to throw oneself into what we call the full freedom, therefore it needs to be thought about, because the world is not simpler and better or easier to tackle from the other side. So if you shall look for complete freedom, you need first to find balance, your balance. When you know yourself, your capacity, your possibilities and your ability to meet all kinds of unpleasantness, and not least those outside powers that always surround us, then you can try it yourself. Start carefully if you have something you fear and want to get rid of, see it in front of you, feel the taste off it and think it’s gone.
Start to spray some drops over your head and in the palm of your hand and sniff in the smell, while you think about what will happen. Practice to get control over what you do not like with yourself, look at yourself and then let your ego go. Remember that you must always remember witch energy center you are concentrating on, because if you want to get it out, you must remember where the serpent is now.

WHAT IS KARMA?

Karma is a Sanskrit, old Indian word for deed or action. Karma is within religions and spiritual teachings, the effect an action may have on present life or later on in life.

Hindu teachings tell that what you have done in your life will affect your later life. The motive behind your actions is created either by good or bad Karma.

In Buddhism teachings it is said that the result of you actions happens here and now, whether it is active or passive actions which will influence your thoughts and actions.

Karma actually means that all you do will have consequences. So Karma will show who you are at any time.

In Christianity we have forgiveness from God as our help.

But most people have a problem with accepting their bad actions and carry their Karma as a burden. And this attitude will get a result in the end, because we are made to work so we get balance between our good and bad deeds, and it is us who must pay if the balance is too much on the bad side.

So if we are willing to forgive ourselves and make up for it in one way or another way, I think GOD will forgive us and the Karma can change our destiny.

But to ignore our bad habits and continue to hide our bad consciousness will not make the body and mind more relaxed and happy.

Our Karma Light is a Tone Cooper project made for the principle of cause and effect, so if we use our sincere thoughts and the essence we have chosen; we can get a closer contact with our mind and seek a sort of salvation. It is all up to us, our choices are our life, and our life is us, there is none other than us who can forgive us.


This essence helps for cleansing things and thought that is hindering you to achieve your purpose in life, we all have a purpose. If not it would be difficult to cope with all the information and offers we get in a life, but most of us do understand that all information’s do not fit their purpose and find some new directions to go.
Behavioral patterns such as insecurity and doubt, and often fear and a cowardly way of solving problems can be reasons for many bad choices in life. And as life passes by, we collect more and more the habits of easy solving assignments. In the end, we no longer feel comfortable with our selves.
If such feelings pop up in you, take a decision and do something with it. We can help with this Transmute essence that together with your own will and termination to get things loosened up, can clear this hindrance and slowly get better balance in your energy center.
The center that takes care of such thoughts as in this situation is the INDIGO, and when the INDIGO has done its job, the other energy centers have a good effect from the cleansing you have done.
This often starts with too little energy in the RED and Yellow energy centers. And since a Karma situation is about your whole body and Mind, you have to make sure that all your energy centers are in balance.
To be a human is nothing you are, you have to BE IT!


This essence has more to do with information around genetically distorted DNA patterns which also can be linked to past life experiences. This is a touchy topic, because past life is more a fiction, but when we think about DNA we can just as well say past life, because we are not made of earth when we are born, LIFE itself is a spiritual fact, nobody knows what life itself consists of.
Science tells us that we are built by the same creative idea from the beginning of our world, they have found remains of fishes with the same bone structure deep in the earth in north of Canada And through the whole evolution it has not changed up to this day. And since we have the same bone structure; we are all a great family started on an idea called Big Bang. But is the Human race the last link? I think so, because we are not finished yet, we need to work more with our resources and possibilities.
But today the science has chosen another way; they go for the artificial intelligence, not the human intelligence.
But for those humans who have a constant reminder of physical remembrance in their body, the life can be very unstable to tackle. The feeling of knowing something that comes and goes, and where flashes of light, both physically and mentally, open up to something that can’t be put into the reality we live under today, is a pain, a physical pain.
Even if we want to believe in thoughts that tell us that the world is changing, there are small possibilities that we in our lifetime will experience that. But to the people who have understood that, we the human races are the chosen people, not the robots, the human robots.
This remedy can be used to get in contact with what we call the spiritual energy. So if you have a question you want to have an answer to, like a why, or a how, you must use your concentration to connect your own consciousness to the essence and your question, and you may get an answer. Because the answer is out there somewhere and it is only our loss of ability to thrust our own power that prevent us from what we call ENLIGHTMENT.
To be clear minded and accept their own Karma, and also their own place in our world can be their own solutions, and this is not a bad choice.
Roll a little of the Re-New-All essence in your palm and take up to three deep breaths through your nostrils. Use it as many times as you feel it is good for you, but never too much.


This essence is good to activate the release of stored emotional patterns such as shock, fear, anger, grief and phobias that often prevent us from advancing at our own pace when bad things happen.
It could be accidents in all sorts, birth trauma or loss of close persons, everything that shakes our foundation and make us unsure about how we shall get through.
Every time we come to such situations which we are not prepared for, we become insecure and then we lose the grip on ourselves. It is normal, but what we should know is how we shall get in balance again. If we do not know where in our body the problem hits us, it is difficult to make any good choices.
You must know where your organs and your seven types of energies belong, in this case fear is in the Red, grief is in the Green, and anger is in the Yellow center. Because everything that concerns your health belongs somewhere, when you know this, it is much easier for you to understand how you can treat yourself.
Knowledge of your self is basic learning and everyone should know WHO THEY ARE, then they can help themselves much more and better, because nobody knows more about you, than yourself.
In this case when you need help for one of the reason we have mentioned, you must concentrate on that, use this Essenes and know what energy center it shall go to, remember you are three now, the essence, your goal and your consciousness, all of you must meet with the same frequency, if you do it right it will be right.
Roll a little on your palm and take three breaths through your nostrils. Use your intuition and feel if you need to do it one time moore.


Comfort is an essence that brings comfort and it is also a good choice for those who are restless and never find peace. A kind of people that always are looking for something; but they are basically pleased with their situation, which in a way are like a sort of grief, a grief for something they do not know what is.
Sadness is a type of mood, like melancholy, and it is difficult for people to just say, this is how I am fundamentally. Some use it like an illness and threat the illness as such. But most of this type of mood is an INDIGO energy that has not found itself.
It is not dangerous for the body if the person learns why, and how to look at themselves, and learn to use their deep melancholically power. In our teaching we say: find out WHO YOU ARE, and start to BE WHO YOU ARE.
But you can also try to teach yourself by trying the Comfort essence and find out what you can manage by yourself.
Remember that there must be three parts that participate.
The Comfort essence, the energy center you want to heal, and your consciousness for all those three.


This essence has more to do with our understanding and feelings concerning relationship. We have many of them, like family, the one we love, at work, our neighbors, friends around the world, animals that live close to us, and other form of relationship. They all have a taste of fear, and are closely connected to our Karma.
To open up to other people’s behaviors and attitudes can be difficult if you do not have a strong and protective Aura shield or have little contact with your own way of behaving and also have LITTLE knowledge of how you are accepted among others.
Self-knowledge about WHO YOU ARE is very important. Not knowing what kind of power you have, or knowing immediately when you meet new people HOW they are, is a knowledge that is very important.
You need to have trained notions like acceptance, forgiveness, no judging, and friendliness and generally love to other humans, if a mutual relationship with the same intensions shall work. But we have a saying, that equally searching equally. So it is a matter of how your own standard of moral and ethical behavior has developed.
Any way they need help if relationship does not work, something must be opened, before you can feel this wonderful feeling when you meet people you intuitively understand. That can be a good relationship.
Roll some of this essence on your palm, take three deep breaths through your nostrils and link it to the thoughts you have and try to find the roots of your problem, if you need one more breathe do that, but remember that your thoughts and will must be there, you are never alone when you use an helper, in this case you are three: you, the essence and your Karma.


You will need some experience with colours to have any effect from using this product. When using this product you will need to know who you are as this will stimulate the connection between your brain and your energy centres and your consciousness. So this is a warning that everything you do and want to do right and in the most effective way, you will need to use some of your own resources and if you do not know what that means, you will have some problems. For those of you who know about colours and their language you can get more energy out of these essences. And if you have a Personality test and have also taken one of our studies in colours, you have something to look forward to, because this essence is also based on Tony Coopers knowledge of what is behind our understanding about energy. This is a special energy that our Mind and consciousness know about, it is only you understanding of your own resources that is missing. This is a special energy that our Mind and consciousness know about, and it is only your understanding of your own resources that are missing. Bye using the correct ENERGY LIGHT ESSENCE, you can immediately balance your electrical system and stop the domino effect that are causing existing problems. This key to awareness is encoded within colour and other harmonic structures that exist in ENERGY LIGHT Essences.


Will help you to:
Energize your physical center and connect you to Earth & Matter
You are now one the RED light page, and this is information from the RED. DO YOU KNOW ME?
This is very important because if you do not know your RED energy, you do not have much to learn or understand from this bottle. Come back when you know your RED energy.
For you who know your RED energy, you are welcome, this RED energy can give you the help you want, but remember there are more to learn about your own energy, like your ability to escalate up to a higher energy form and also to stop when you feel you have enough information.
This RED essence will help you to strengthen your primal and survival instincts, whenever necessary in making decisions and to accomplish daily challenges.
Take some essence in your palm a breath in, think about the problem you want to solve, be there, and breath out, next do the same but use your consciousness and feel your spine down to the coccyx. On the third breath apply some of the essence to your coccyx and tailbone area.
You can also use the essence every morning, if needed and you can also apply this essence to the soles of your feet in the morning or before going to bed.