Will help you to:
Energize your physical center and connect you to Earth & Matter
You are now one the RED light page, and this is information from the RED. DO YOU KNOW ME?
This is very important because if you do not know your RED energy, you do not have much to learn or understand from this bottle. Come back when you know your RED energy.
For you who know your RED energy, you are welcome, this RED energy can give you the help you want, but remember there are more to learn about your own energy, like your ability to escalate up to a higher energy form and also to stop when you feel you have enough information.
This RED essence will help you to strengthen your primal and survival instincts, whenever necessary in making decisions and to accomplish daily challenges.
Take some essence in your palm a breath in, think about the problem you want to solve, be there, and breath out, next do the same but use your consciousness and feel your spine down to the coccyx. On the third breath apply some of the essence to your coccyx and tailbone area.
You can also use the essence every morning, if needed and you can also apply this essence to the soles of your feet in the morning or before going to bed.



You will need some experience with colours to have any effect from using this product. When using this product you will need to know who you are as this will stimulate the connection between your brain and your energy centres and your consciousness. So this is a warning that everything you do and want to do right and in the most effective way, you will need to use some of your own resources and if you do not know what that means, you will have some problems. For those of you who know about colours and their language you can get more energy out of these essences. And if you have a Personality test and have also taken one of our studies in colours, you have something to look forward to, because this essence is also based on Tony Coopers knowledge of what is behind our understanding about energy. This is a special energy that our Mind and consciousness know about, it is only you understanding of your own resources that is missing. This is a special energy that our Mind and consciousness know about, and it is only your understanding of your own resources that are missing. Bye using the correct ENERGY LIGHT ESSENCE, you can immediately balance your electrical system and stop the domino effect that are causing existing problems. This key to awareness is encoded within colour and other harmonic structures that exist in ENERGY LIGHT Essences.


This essence is good to activate the release of stored emotional patterns such as shock, fear, anger, grief and phobias that often prevent us from advancing at our own pace when bad things happen.
It could be accidents in all sorts, birth trauma or loss of close persons, everything that shakes our foundation and make us unsure about how we shall get through.
Every time we come to such situations which we are not prepared for, we become insecure and then we lose the grip on ourselves. It is normal, but what we should know is how we shall get in balance again. If we do not know where in our body the problem hits us, it is difficult to make any good choices.
You must know where your organs and your seven types of energies belong, in this case fear is in the Red, grief is in the Green, and anger is in the Yellow center. Because everything that concerns your health belongs somewhere, when you know this, it is much easier for you to understand how you can treat yourself.
Knowledge of your self is basic learning and everyone should know WHO THEY ARE, then they can help themselves much more and better, because nobody knows more about you, than yourself.
In this case when you need help for one of the reason we have mentioned, you must concentrate on that, use this Essenes and know what energy center it shall go to, remember you are three now, the essence, your goal and your consciousness, all of you must meet with the same frequency, if you do it right it will be right.
Roll a little on your palm and take three breaths through your nostrils. Use your intuition and feel if you need to do it one time moore.


This essence has more to do with our understanding and feelings concerning relationship. We have many of them, like family, the one we love, at work, our neighbors, friends around the world, animals that live close to us, and other form of relationship. They all have a taste of fear, and are closely connected to our Karma.
To open up to other people’s behaviors and attitudes can be difficult if you do not have a strong and protective Aura shield or have little contact with your own way of behaving and also have LITTLE knowledge of how you are accepted among others.
Self-knowledge about WHO YOU ARE is very important. Not knowing what kind of power you have, or knowing immediately when you meet new people HOW they are, is a knowledge that is very important.
You need to have trained notions like acceptance, forgiveness, no judging, and friendliness and generally love to other humans, if a mutual relationship with the same intensions shall work. But we have a saying, that equally searching equally. So it is a matter of how your own standard of moral and ethical behavior has developed.
Any way they need help if relationship does not work, something must be opened, before you can feel this wonderful feeling when you meet people you intuitively understand. That can be a good relationship.
Roll some of this essence on your palm, take three deep breaths through your nostrils and link it to the thoughts you have and try to find the roots of your problem, if you need one more breathe do that, but remember that your thoughts and will must be there, you are never alone when you use an helper, in this case you are three: you, the essence and your Karma.


Comfort is an essence that brings comfort and it is also a good choice for those who are restless and never find peace. A kind of people that always are looking for something; but they are basically pleased with their situation, which in a way are like a sort of grief, a grief for something they do not know what is.
Sadness is a type of mood, like melancholy, and it is difficult for people to just say, this is how I am fundamentally. Some use it like an illness and threat the illness as such. But most of this type of mood is an INDIGO energy that has not found itself.
It is not dangerous for the body if the person learns why, and how to look at themselves, and learn to use their deep melancholically power. In our teaching we say: find out WHO YOU ARE, and start to BE WHO YOU ARE.
But you can also try to teach yourself by trying the Comfort essence and find out what you can manage by yourself.
Remember that there must be three parts that participate.
The Comfort essence, the energy center you want to heal, and your consciousness for all those three.


This essence has more to do with information around genetically distorted DNA patterns which also can be linked to past life experiences. This is a touchy topic, because past life is more a fiction, but when we think about DNA we can just as well say past life, because we are not made of earth when we are born, LIFE itself is a spiritual fact, nobody knows what life itself consists of.
Science tells us that we are built by the same creative idea from the beginning of our world, they have found remains of fishes with the same bone structure deep in the earth in north of Canada And through the whole evolution it has not changed up to this day. And since we have the same bone structure; we are all a great family started on an idea called Big Bang. But is the Human race the last link? I think so, because we are not finished yet, we need to work more with our resources and possibilities.
But today the science has chosen another way; they go for the artificial intelligence, not the human intelligence.
But for those humans who have a constant reminder of physical remembrance in their body, the life can be very unstable to tackle. The feeling of knowing something that comes and goes, and where flashes of light, both physically and mentally, open up to something that can’t be put into the reality we live under today, is a pain, a physical pain.
Even if we want to believe in thoughts that tell us that the world is changing, there are small possibilities that we in our lifetime will experience that. But to the people who have understood that, we the human races are the chosen people, not the robots, the human robots.
This remedy can be used to get in contact with what we call the spiritual energy. So if you have a question you want to have an answer to, like a why, or a how, you must use your concentration to connect your own consciousness to the essence and your question, and you may get an answer. Because the answer is out there somewhere and it is only our loss of ability to thrust our own power that prevent us from what we call ENLIGHTMENT.
To be clear minded and accept their own Karma, and also their own place in our world can be their own solutions, and this is not a bad choice.
Roll a little of the Re-New-All essence in your palm and take up to three deep breaths through your nostrils. Use it as many times as you feel it is good for you, but never too much.


This essence helps for cleansing things and thought that is hindering you to achieve your purpose in life, we all have a purpose. If not it would be difficult to cope with all the information and offers we get in a life, but most of us do understand that all information’s do not fit their purpose and find some new directions to go.
Behavioral patterns such as insecurity and doubt, and often fear and a cowardly way of solving problems can be reasons for many bad choices in life. And as life passes by, we collect more and more the habits of easy solving assignments. In the end, we no longer feel comfortable with our selves.
If such feelings pop up in you, take a decision and do something with it. We can help with this Transmute essence that together with your own will and termination to get things loosened up, can clear this hindrance and slowly get better balance in your energy center.
The center that takes care of such thoughts as in this situation is the INDIGO, and when the INDIGO has done its job, the other energy centers have a good effect from the cleansing you have done.
This often starts with too little energy in the RED and Yellow energy centers. And since a Karma situation is about your whole body and Mind, you have to make sure that all your energy centers are in balance.
To be a human is nothing you are, you have to BE IT!

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