Will help you to:

Energize your physical center and connect you to Earth & Matter

You are now one the RED light page, and this is information from the RED. DO YOU KNOW ME?

This is very important because if you do not know your RED energy, you do not have much to learn or understand from this bottle. Come back when you know your RED energy.

For you who know your RED energy, you are welcome, this RED energy can give you the help you want, but remember there are more to learn about your own energy, like your ability to escalate up to a higher energy form and also to stop when you feel you have enough information.

This RED essence will help you to strengthen your primal and survival instincts, whenever necessary in making decisions and to accomplish daily challenges.

Take some essence in your palm a breath in, think about the problem you want to solve, be there, and breath out, next do the same but use your consciousness and feel your spine down to the coccyx. On the third breath apply some of the essence to your coccyx and tailbone area.

You can also use the essence every morning, if needed and you can also apply this essence to the soles of your feet in the morning or before going to bed.



You will need some experience with colours to have any effect from using this product. When using this product you will need to know who you are as this will stimulate the connection between your brain and your energy centres and your consciousness. So this is a warning that everything you do and want to do right and in the most effective way, you will need to use some of your own resources and if you do not know what that means, you will have some problems. For those of you who know about colours and their language you can get more energy out of these essences. And if you have a Personality Test and have also taken one of our studies in colours, you have something to look forward to, because this essence is also based on Tony Coopers knowledge of what is behind our understanding about energy. This is a special energy that our Mind and consciousness know about, it is only you understanding of your own resources that is missing. This is a special energy that our Mind and consciousness know about, and it is only your understanding of your own resources that are missing. Bye using the correct ENERGY LIGHT ESSENCE, you can immediately balance your electrical system and stop the domino effect that are causing existing problems. This key to awareness is encoded within colour and other harmonic structures that exist in ENERGY LIGHT Essences.

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